Romney Free Trade Agrreements

Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, addressed the Virginia Military Institute on his foreign policy plan. Mr. Romney attested that President Barack Obama never signed a free-trade agreement while he has been in office.

“The president has not signed one new free trade agreement, in the past four years,” Mr. Romney said.

USA Today reported on October 21, 2011, that President Obama signed free-trade agreements with Korea, Colombia, and Panama.

Mr. Romney also accused President Obama of solely hoping for better relations with the Middle East. During leaked video footage of a private fundraiser in Florida, Mr. Romney stated that conflicts among Palestinians and Israelis are impossible to solve; and he claimed that all he could do was hope and see how these tensions eased without his involvement.

And I look at the Palestinians not wanting to see peace anyway, for political purposes, committed to the destruction and elimination of Israel, and these thorny issues, and I say there’s just no way. And so what you do is you say you move things along the best way you can. You hope for some degree of stability, but you recognize that it’s going to remain an unsolved problem. I mean, we look at that in China and Taiwan. All right, we have a potentially volatile situation, but we sort of live with it. And we kick the ball down the field and hope that ultimately, somehow, something will happen and resolve it. We don’t go to war to try and resolve it imminently.