Make a Gorgeous Christmas Wreath Using Sandwich Bags

Make-a-Gorgeous-Christmas-Wreath-Using-Sandwich-Bags-MainPhotoStep by step to make a Christmas wreath with sandwich bags!

I love having Christmas wreaths on my front door, but one that can handle the cold, wet weather. I’ve come up with a wreath that cost under $3.00 to make.

Whether you look at my Christmas wreath up close or from afar, you’d never know that I used plastic sandwich bags to make it. That’s right, ordinary sandwich bags that you put your kid’s school lunch or snack in! Just hold the mayo; it doesn’t work as snow.

Your creativity and the following supplies will help:

• wire hanger
• 6 Christmas ornaments
• box of plastic sandwich bags
• glue gun
• one glue stick
• 5 inches of wire or garbage bag twist wire

Make a Gorgeous Christmas Wreath Using Sandwich Bags

These sandwich bag wreaths are so easy to create that it will take you only 30 minutes to make one. And they are great gifts for any teachers, neighbors, and friends. Have fun being creative this holiday season!

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Rebecca Aguilar is the founder of Wise Latinas Linked. She’s also a reporter and blogger.