Life Lessons from Power Latinas-MainPhoto
Life Lessons from Power Latinas-MainPhoto

Jessica Alba

COSMO Latina Logo-ReducedThese chicas are such fierce role models.

1. You don’t need to compromise your values to get ahead.
During her speech at Cosmopolitan for Latinas’ first-ever Fun Fearless Latina Awards last spring, Michelle Rodriguez said she doesn’t regret sticking to her guns and refusing to take her clothes off for a role. “This is not just a Latina thing. This is a woman’s thing. I’m so glad I didn’t strip my clothes off for those opportunities!”

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2. Give zero fucks about what others think of you.
Demi Lovato clearly didn’t give a damn what people would think when she shaved the side of her head, the same way she wasn’t afraid to let all her secrets out about her drug addiction and depression in her tell-all book, Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year. #IDGAF

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