You’ve got a baby on board, you’ve already battled morning sickness and somehow, despite the back-and-forth negotiations, you even settled on a name for your baby. The hard part of baby prep is over, right? Not exactly. Getting your baby room ideas in order is a big undertaking, and it all begins with the color palette you choose. Your baby’s room can feel warm and cozy, modern and fresh, soothing or funky, all depending on how you decorate and what colors you use. And don’t forget, you are going to be spending a LOT of time in this room, especially in the early months. So you might want to create a room that will suit your mood and set the tone for a snuggly and happy life for your baby. But where do you begin with nursery ideas?

According to Michelle Freedberg, owner of Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture in Greenwich CT, and Manhattan, NY, “nursery shopping can be so overwhelming for some expecting parents, especially if you don’t know the sex of your child, so it’s very important to think everything through before you begin to shop.” Planning ahead is key, and a great place to start is to decide on a color palette. And it’s no longer as simple as boys get blue and girls get pink. There are tons of options, regardless of your taste and the gender of your baby. Here are some color palettes to consider…happy decorating, and let the parenting fun begin!

A yellow room typically gives off a sun-kissed, warm feel, almost like you’re outside on a beautiful sunny day. Imagine how your mood shifts when the sun is out, versus on a rainy day. Your baby will feel happy with yellow walls and accents, but just be careful you pick a hue that isn’t too bold or bright. Really strong yellow can be over-stimulating and cause fussiness; decorator, June McLeod, advises that “pastel yellow keeps baby so happy you can add bold accents to pique her curiosity without fearing a mood shift.” And an added bonus: yellow works great for boys or girls (or twins), and you can add a variety of accent colors depending on the gender of your child, or your personal preferences.

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On the flip side, a gray room provides a naturally tranquil setting that elicits an emotional, thoughtful mood. This can be a really good thing, as it is mellow and can help calm your baby (and you) down after a long day or night. But make sure you add a pop of color to infuse a little a cheerful accent to the room. You don’t want it to feel too depressing—just clean, simple, soothing and sweet.

Green instantly makes you feel like you’re surrounded by nature. It feels clean, serene, and reassuring, without being too boring. Plus you can play around with different shades of green, ranging from mossy green to deep hunter green. Add some dashes of rose pink for a feminine touch or light yellow for a bit of brightness.


Beige and Brown
If you’re not so into typical nursery colors or anything that screams “a baby lives here!” then you might want to opt for a slightly more mature color palette. A minimalist room that is white, beige and brown feels warm, comfortable, crisp and a little bit earthy. It is perfect for either gender, and makes a perfect base for other pops of color, which you’ll usually achieve thanks to the baby blankets, stuffed animals, wall art etc.

Black and White
A baby room that is black and white packs a nice modern punch, without being too wild or offbeat. Maybe 20 years ago people would have judged you for putting black in your baby’s room, but not today. These colors work for boys or girls, and work with literally any other color you might add. You can go for a modern, art-deco feel, or a jungle/animal theme inspired by zebras or cows. And since babies see in black and white until they’re about 4 months old, they will truly appreciate your decor choice.


Blue and Aqua
This is one of the most refreshing baby room ideas out there. The colors of the sea instantly add a calming, healing vibe to your baby’s room. And no, blue is not just for boys. Deep blue (like navy) can be used to create a nautical themed room, while bright aqua blue mixed with light gray feels cooling and fresh. White accent items work well with blue decor, because they feel crisp, uplifting and innocent, just be careful you pick items that can be easily cleaned, since you’ll be cleaning a LOT.

Red and Orange
Red instantly feels passionate and fiery, two emotions you might not want to teach to a new baby who cries when she poops and screams when she’s hungry. But a little touch of red mixed with orange can be warm and comforting—think Thanksgiving Day and fall foliage. The trick is to make sure you don’t use either of these colors wall-to-wall; try to pick a more neutral base like off-white or beige and then add an accent wall or bold accessories that give the room some life.