It’s time to upgrade your hair dryer and take your hair game to the next level of gorgeous with the all-new Dyson hair dryer. Yes, Dyson, as in the vacuum company that is notorious for creating futuristic looking (and very pricey) vacuums that promise to achieve maximum results with minimum noise and effort. And like their other products, this blow-dryer also costs a pretty penny. And before you scoff at the $400 price tag, let’s talk about why this modern blow dryer is worth it.

First of all, do you ever worry that you are frying your hair every time you use your blow-dryer? Well, those concerns are warranted, because the reality is that blow-drying your hair can do major damage to your strands. According to Self.com, “blow drying causes a “flash drying” effect that not only removes the surface moisture but also removes water that is bound to the hair, which is called water of hydration. The effect of this flash drying is that the cuticles become dry, rigid and brittle. When the hair flexes, the pressure causes the cuticles to crack. Combing hair with this degree of cuticle cracking causes significant breakage.” In other words, the very actions you are taking to make your hair look amazing can actually make it look and feel worse. That is, unless you are using a hair dryer that is expertly crafted to prevent that kind of damage and actually improve the quality of your hair.