1. Ballet Flats
    In a dream world we’d all look like Gisele Bündchen and we’d be able to pull off heels while nine months pregnant. In reality, we get swollen, exhausted and we can’t even see our feet to appreciate whatever shoes we put on. A comfortable mom is a happy mom, and comfort starts at the bottom. Take care of your feet by wearing sensible ballet flats, especially in your third trimester. The good news is that ballet flats are not what they used to be; they can be trendy, fancy and funky all while being easy on your tootsies.
  1. Bella Band
    Dilemma: you don’t quite fit into maternity pants but you definitely don’t fit into your old pants. Solution: the Bella Band. This band is worn over the waist of your current pants (maybe with a button/zipper undone) and keeps your pants in place while also letting your belly breathe. And you don’t even have to go shopping. How’s that for cheap maternity wear?