1. Drawstring Pants
    Pregnant belly, say hello to your new best friend, the drawstring. Drawstring, say hello to a whole new kind of belly. You two are going to get to know each other VERY well over the next nine months. The beauty of the drawstring waist is that you can get away with wearing non-maternity clothes even when you’re about to pop. You can self-adjust the waist and wear them as low or high as you need to, and since they don’t have to be maternity wear, you will have far more options for colors, fabrics, styles and brands. These pants are the answer to all your cheap maternity clothes questions.
  1. Long, Flowing Dress
    Every pregnant woman (or any woman period) needs to own a long, flowing dress. Think hippie chic meets hot mom. One of the worst parts of pregnancy, or motherhood, is that you can feel instantly older than you’d like. A long, carefree dress is fun, comfortable and youthful without looking ridiculous. Channel your inner Sienna Miller/Rachel Bilson/Kate Hudson/other boho-chic mom and rock this look.