1. Tunic
    Some tunics can resemble your mom’s beach cover-up from 1977, so we understand why you might be hesitant to pick one up. But as your belly grows and you need increasingly more fabric to cover it up, a tunic is a great, stylish choice. Think hippie, not nightgown. The trick with the tunic is to find one that looks flowy, not frumpy and fits you in the right places. It should be fitted across the shoulders and arms, but forgiving in the mid-section.
  1. An Adjustable Belt
    Oh, you thought that belts were only for people with tiny waists? Wrong! Belts are actually an amazing way to enhance your pregnant figure, drawing attention to your belly in the right way. Let’s be clear: you will not be wearing your belt in the same place you used to. It will have to go above or below your belly, depending on how you carry and what feels comfortable. But a belt can give shape to a roomy piece and can help hold your clothes in place. Just don’t make it too tight–the baby doesn’t like binding clothes!