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Last Minute Halloween Costumes-SliderPhoto

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Ahhh, a true terror! You looked at your calendar and Halloween's upon you like a menacing mummy. But finding a last-minute Halloween costume needn’t be a scary undertaking. With a little imagination and a sense of humor, you can craft some…
6 Signs You Need a 12-Step Program for DIY-MainPhoto

6 Signs You Need a 12-Step Program for DIY

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Most everyone has picked up a paint roller from time to time. Changing wall color, painting a bench, these are ordinary projects that most of us are willing to take one. After all, there’s a satisfying feeling that comes from doing-it-yourself…
When is a Halloween Costume Too Sexy?-SliderPhoto

When is a Halloween Costume Too Sexy?

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College girls everywhere seem to view Halloween as the opportunity to let their inner sex fiend out to play. It’s widely accepted that young women dress extremely provocatively for this holiday. When you’re a mother, however, is it still…
10 Spanish Words and Their Meaning in Different Countries-SliderPhoto

Spanish Words & Their Meanings in Different Countries

If you happen to speak so-called “American English” and travel to the land of the English, England, you will soon discover that the language is the same but that some words are different or have a different meaning that might cause embarrassment.…
COSMO-William Levy Taking a Break From Telenovelas!-SliderPhoto

William Levy Taking a Break From Telenovelas!

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William Levy has announced that he is taking a break from telenovelas for a while. He hasn't given us a time period, but we think it could be permanent since he's saying he wants to be on the big screen. We're not loving this idea. Lots of…
What Kind of Spanish Should Your Child Be Learning?-SliderPhoto

What Kind of Spanish Should Your Child Be Learning

Spanish and English are spoken in so many different countries and have so many varieties, that often the questions arise: which variety is the best? Which type of English or Spanish should I teach my child? The point is very tenable because…
For Mexicans Day of The Dead is Not a Morbid Celebration-SliderPhoto

Day of The Dead: What it Really Means in Mexico

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In the U.S., Mexico's Day of the Dead has evolved into an unusually hip holiday where people celebrate by dressing in black, painting their faces like skulls, and dancing around like they're Diego Rivera or Frida Khalo. In some places Day…

10 Easy and Effective Ways For New Moms to Improve Circulation

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With cool weather on its way, it’s important to consider the role that circulation plays in staying healthy during the winter months. Pregnancy, followed by you being on your feet all day with your baby can contribute to painful varicose…
Stage Fright? 5 Tips to Help Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of Speaking in Another Language-SliderPhoto

5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Speaking Another Language

We were spending the summer at a gated community, outside the city, and my son Oscar was about four years old. Children had the run of the place and were having a blast. He had made many friends his age, and spent all day cycling, swimming,…