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Stage Fright? 5 Tips to Help Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of Speaking in Another Language-SliderPhoto

5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Speaking Another Language

We were spending the summer at a gated community, outside the city, and my son Oscar was about four years old. Children had the run of the place and were having a blast. He had made many friends his age, and spent all day cycling, swimming,…
Is Virtual School Right for Your Child?-SliderPhoto

Is Virtual School Right for Your Child?

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My 13-year old son attends virtual school. He takes all of his classes online, through the use of our home PC. It is not the type of school that my wife and I originally intended for him (we're traditionalists in that regard). But he had an…
FOX-How to Combat Bullying-SliderPhoto

How to Combat Bullying

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The photos make like them look like girls who could be in my daughter’s middle school; however, I’m not looking at yearbook photos, I’m looking at the mug shots of two Florida tweens charged with felony aggravated stalking. Police say…
Online Dating Safety Tips-SliderPhoto

Online Dating Safety Tips

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I first ventured into the world of online dating at 28. It was right after a break-up and I was tired of sobbing in between bites of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. With trepidation, I set up a profile to meet a potential match. I hyped myself up,…
COSMO-The Reality of Interracial Relationships-SliderPhoto

The Reality of Interracial Relationships

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Seriously, it’s about to be 2014, but so many people — especially women — are still afraid to tell their parents that they’re in an interracial relationship. According to a study by, nearly 83 percent of white…
Rome the Eternal City for Kids-MainPhoto

Mamiverse Guide of Rome for Families With Kids

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I live in Italy, and I’ve spent a lot of time in Rome. Now that I’m a mother, I tend to look at things differently than I did pre-parenthood, and that includes how I look at travel. Rome is one of the most historic, fascinating cities…
Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women-SliderPhoto

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

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Halloween is upon us, and believe it or not, pregnant gals have the opportunity to show their bellies in the funniest—or creepiest—ways possible. Of course, you should kiss complicated Catwoman-like attire and fabrics good-bye; after all,…
5 Challenges To Overcome When Raising Your Bilingual Child-SliderPhoto

5 Challenges To Overcome When Raising Your Bilingual Child

Before I had kids, I would turn my nose up at anyone who spoke just one language and failed to raise bilingual kids. I found it aggravating and unforgivable. After all, I had been raised to be fully bilingual! Well, when I had my kids, I discovered…
Dating After 40? It Gets Better!-SliderPhoto

Dating After 40? It Gets Better!

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I remember when I was in my late 20s, and the boyfriend I thought I was going to marry broke up with me. I was devastated and I remember crying to a friend, “I wish I were younger.” At not yet 30, I was already worried about slipping past…