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Cook Something Bold Day with Salsa

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Cook Something Bold Day? Well, we love offbeat holidays at Mamiverse. And now that we’ve put the final nail in the coffins of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos for this year, it’s time to move on to something else we love—food! And what…
5 Ways Miley Cyrus Embodies Courage-SliderPhoto

7 Ways Miley Cyrus Embodies Courage

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Miley Cyrus is a hot topic right now, weeks after her controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. But say what you will about the former tween sweetheart turned wild child—she’s shown courage and savvy in her career choices…
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Matchmaking DIY style!

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Matchmaking is great option for those seeking love, but it can be expensive! Also, with the multitude of dating sites, social media platforms and referrals from friends and family, it’s very tough out there for singles. So, doing it yourself…
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Look Sexy Even When You're Sick

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Feel crappy? Look like death? You can’t miss tonight’s holiday party, so grab some medicina and try these tips from makeup maestro Lucky Smyler. You’ll look as hot as your thermometer says you are. Read Related: Mommies Can’t Get…
7 Ways For Moms to Set & Keep Realistic Fitness Goals-MainPhoto

7 Ways for Moms to Set & Keep Realistic Fitness Goals

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So you’ve decided (again) that this is the year you’re going to do it—get—and stay—fit, toned, and healthy. It’s a goal you should keep. So how come, year after year, you keep giving up? Maybe because you don’t set realistic…
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Medicaid Expansion Under Obamacare

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As Obamacare starts to be implemented nationally, 23 states have signed on for Medicaid expansion, a key provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Medicaid expansion will allow more than 8 million low income to gain access to affordable health…
22 Ways to Say I Love You in Spanish-SliderPhoto

22 Ways to Say “I Love You” in Spanish #BilingualPlus

[Mamiverse's Bilingual Plus is an online channel devoted to bringing parents and educators the bilingual learning tools they need in the form of digital picture books, sing-alongs, and free curriculum-based family activities.] There are…
10 Ways to Say Goodnight to Your Kids in Spanish-SliderPhoto

10 Ways to Say Goodnight to Your Kids in Spanish

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 I find my kids are most receptive at night. Just before falling asleep, while we’re cuddling, they’re more relaxed and open to conversing … even in Spanish! As a bilingual and bicultural mom, I take full advantage…
We Heart It A Facebook Alternative for Teens-SliderPhoto

We Heart It; A Facebook Alternative for Teens

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It seems like every time we look at the news, there’s another terrible story of a tween or teen being bullied on social media. Their vulnerability, combined with relentless tormenting from their peers even drives some to suicide. It’s…