Mamiverse Guide to Universal Orlando-MainPhoto

Mamiverse Guide to Universal Orlando

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Due to a busy travel schedule that took me to Washington D.C for a good cause with We Belong Together (Women for Common Sense Immigration Reform), I was forced to miss the grand opening of the Transformers: The Ride-3D at Universal Studios…
Mamiverse Guide to Legoland Florida-MainPhoto

Mamiverse Guide to Legoland Florida

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When I recap on a visit to a theme park, I always try to write about what I wish I’d known before I visited, from how to navigate the park, what rides to skip and what rides not to miss, and how to not waste time waiting in line. So, here’s…
Latina mothers and STEM for kids

The Importance of STEM Education for Latina Mothers

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Like any mother raising two young children, much of my attention is focused on their education with an eye toward their futures and the opportunities they will have as adults in the workforce. For kids, grade school is the time for fun. But,…

Putting Down Our Phones for National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

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As a freelance writer and work at home mami, I’ve got to have my phone handy most of the time. I have deadlines that can pop up at any second and requests for content that, should they go unanswered, could quickly pay someone else’s mortgage…

3 Simple Tips to Keep the Kids Entertained On Road Trips

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My family and I take a lot of road trips, but we don’t dread being stuck in a car together for hours and hours. We actually love road trips because we are very well organized, and equip ourselves with a variety of entertainment and activities.…

Guide to Buenos Aires With Kids

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I am a mom of two kids, living in Buenos Aires. So by experience, I’ve discovered the best ways to entertain my kids in the city. While Buenos Aires is a child-friendly city from the cultural and entertainment point of view, it has its downside…

Madrid Travel Guide For Families With Kids

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Madrid, Spain is a city with a variety of fun activities and parks for children and families. It has efficient, affordable public transportation (bus, metro and train) that can take visitors and residents pretty much anywhere they need to…

We Belong Together: Latinas Lobby for Immigration Reform

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You should write to your congressman! Why, you may ask? Because you could actually make a difference in this country when it comes to immigration reform or other issues you care about. I finally learned this after almost ten years of living…
Prepping for The Sudden Loss of Your Spouse-Photo2

Get Your Financial Business Together Done Now

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There is something I've been meaning to do for a long time, but I've been putting it off for years. Every time I see my husband sitting at his computer paying the bills, a voice goes off in my head: “Get it done now, get it done now.” I…