10 Books on Creativity to Get You Thinking in New Ways

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Oh no, you’ve been staring at a blank canvas or a white page for days now, even weeks, and nothing is coming to you. You’ve got a big deadline coming up and the more coffee you drink, the more agitated and less concentrated you get, and…

Lost in Literature: Best New Books 2015

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2015 is upon us and that means we’re getting excited about the latest book releases! We know, nerd alert, but we can’t help but anticipate pouring our hearts and souls into the stories that are yet to come in the new year. Why? Reading…

Literary Love: 5 Key Book Lists to Get on Right Now

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Nothing is better than curling up with a few of the best books and letting yourself be transported. Books allow us to see new places, meet new people and live the lives we can only imagine. If you haven’t treated yourself to a few minutes…

All Grown Up: 16 Adult Books for Teens They'll Love

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Have you ever wondered what the best adult books for teens to read might be? After spending all those middle school years keeping your kids away from literature about too-adult subjects, by high school there are fewer topics that are off-limits…

Bookworm Love: 15 Things About Readers that Makes Them the Coolest

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November first is Book Lovers’ Day and we’re doing the happy dance because we LOVE books, and we can never get enough of listing the myriad advantages of reading books. Avid readers, whether we’re talking about our kids, friends, parents,…

Tome Diving: 15 “Big” Books to Get Cozy with Now

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When was the last time you relaxed and cuddled up with a book? If you’re picturing yourself as a teenager, then it’s officially been too long, and you’re missing out. We get it, free time is hard to come by and other forms of entertainment…

Ageless Reads: 15 YA Books that Grown-Ups Love Too

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There’s no getting around it: the best Young Adult books have gotten so much better than when we were actually young adults. Like maturing teens, we’ve all grown to the point that we can read the Harry Potter series or devour the Twilight…

Read-Grieving: 10 Books About 9/11 that Have Helped Us Heal

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Most adults know exactly where they were when the attacks on September 11 occurred. It’s been nearly 15 years and our nation is still healing and those memories remain clear. While the September 11 memorials open at the site of the World…

Motherland Reads: 14 Novels Set in Latin America to Take You Back

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We all miss the motherland from time to time. From the food to the music to the air we breathe there, when we’re back ‘home’ something familiar and quintessential just locks into our soul. Lucky for us, there are plenty of novels written…