2015 is upon us and that means we’re getting excited about the latest book releases! We know, nerd alert, but we can’t help but anticipate pouring our hearts and souls into the stories that are yet to come in the new year. Why? Reading is a form of self-care for many of us around here. With a good book, we get to escape from the mundane duties of mommyhood and experience new sights, sounds and experiences that are only possible via an exceptional book.

From fantasy to some fascinating non-fiction, we found some big books that are coming out in 2015 and we wanted to share. Some are coming out right this very minute and others you might have to pre-order and wait for. Either way, mark your calendars because you’ve got a lot of reading to do.


1. God Help the Child by Toni Morrison
We’re starting the list with one that doesn’t come out till April 30 and, thus far, we have very limited information about it which makes us all that much more excited to dive in! Ms. Morrison’s works are always poignant, beautiful and just painful enough to help us examine our own existence as we live through whatever discrimination or dysfunction her characters survive.

2. Night at the Fiestas: Stories by Kirstin Valdez Quade
This author was named one of the National Book Foundation’s 2014 5 Under 35 authors of note so, well, we took note! These stories are her debut and have been featured already in The New Yorker so you know the full collection will be amazing. They’re set in New Mexico and have a certain Latin family flair we’re more than a little familiar with around here.

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3. Selfish by Kim Kardashian
Okay, before you laugh at us and close the window, hear us out. Kim’s book is set to be a collection of selfies (we know!!!) both recent and from her past. These photos will be some that we’ve never seen before and we’re thinking a side of Kim that we’d maybe like to know better. Perhaps nursing selfies and heartwarming moments as a mom will grace the pages as well as a few images with her family who, though highly dysfunctional, clearly love one another greatly.

4. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
This is the debut novel for this author and, if fantasy is what you’re craving, this looks like it. The setting is a brutal Romanesque empire in which we watch the struggle of both an orphan girl and her brother, a soldier. It sounds enthralling to us with plot twists we can’t wait for!


5. Title Yet to be Determined by Aziz Ansari
Okay so they don’t have a title for this book yet but Penguin Press is telling us 2015 so we’re including it on the list. This comedian has been secretly conducting research on life as a single person and how technology has influenced how we meet, establish and maintain relationships with one another. Seriously.


6Simply Nigella by Nigella Lawson
This one isn’t due out till the Fall but we’re excited enough to talk about it now. Simply Nigella should be giving us no-muss no-fuss recipes that have fewer ingredients and less complicated directions so that we can keep the cookbook on the counter, ready to be used in everyday life. It sounds too good to be true but we’ve got our fingers crossed on this one!


7I Was Here by Gayle Forman
Because suicide and mental illness have been at the forefront of the news in 2014, we’re thinking this book is timely. It starts out with a woman mourning her best friend who drank industrial-strength cleaning fluid. We then follow her on her journey to go through her friend’s belongings as she discovers secrets about her life (and death) that were kept secret for so long.

8. When by Victoria Laurie
If you like a good super power paranormal reality story, this is the one for you. The main character can see digits above people’s heads and quickly learns that the numbers she sees are their dates of death. Whoa, right? Then there’s a murder and kids disappear and this character is caught up in all of it. The even better news about this book? Release date is set for January 13!