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Why We Must Teach Latino Traditions to Our Kids-MainPhoto

Tips to Teach Latino Traditions To Your Children

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The U.S. has always been known as the melting pot, for its ability to welcome individuals from every country on earth and have them come together as one nation. However, sometimes people take this idea in a different way and assume it means…

Cannabis Country Pros and Cons: What Might Happen if we Legalize Weed

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To legalize weed or not to, that seems to be the question. Whether you’re a pot smoker like Cheech & Chong or die-hard anti-Cannabis supporter, the opinion battle regarding legalization marijuana is a tough call no matter where you stand.…

Clergy Cool: 8 Reasons why the Latest on Pope Francis Makes Him Rock

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Regardless of your religion or how much you are driven by religious beliefs at all, you have probably heard a great deal about the reigning pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. He has made an impression, has made changes, and has made…
Ice Cream Truck Filled With Books Sent to El Salvador Kids-MainPhoto

Ice Cream Truck Filled With Books Sent to El Salvador Kids

Yesenia Portillo and Domonique Parkes know that an early love of reading can benefit students throughout their entire life. That’s why these two University of Maryland students want to put the rubber on the road – or dirt path, depending…
César Chavez´s Legacy-MainPhoto

César Chavez's Legacy

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The protectors of the Cesar Chavez legacy describe the legendary leader as “an ordinary man” who did extraordinary things. Like much of the mythology that has grown around Chavez, this oversimplification does him a disservice and masks…
12 Ways to Rethink How You do Housework-SliderPhoto

12 Ways to Rethink How You do Housework

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April 7 is No Housework Day. Finally, a holiday we can really embrace! Housework is one of those necessary evils one faces in life, like 6 month dental checkups. To have an official day to celebrate the absence of housework is truly a reason…
How Latina Women Lean In-MainPhoto

How Latina Women Lean In

Just as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg launched her campaign to ban the word “bossy” in the name of female empowerment, a new study was released by the Pew Research Center that highlights the incredible strides made by Latina women, America’s…
Pope Francis and His Abuelo Charm-MainPhoto

Pope Francis and His Abuelo Charm

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote an article about what it felt like to see the election of the world’s first Latin American Pope. I wrote about the surge of pride that we felt in our culture and traditions, which could produce so learned…
7 Reasons Why Soccer Isn’t Big in the U.S.-SliderPhoto

7 Reasons Why Soccer Isn’t Big in the U.S.

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It’s huge in Central and South America and Mexico. Men weep over it in Europe, fight over it in the United Kingdom and in Africa, children worship soccer stars. So why hasn’t soccer caught…