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How to Look and Feel More Youthful

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Please note that the title of this post is How to Look and Feel More Youthful, not How to Look Younger! Although I admit it’s flattering when someone tells me I look younger than my 50 years, I believe the secret to living a healthier and…
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Mindfulness, My Word To Live By in 2014

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Lately, the trend seems to be that instead of making New Year´s resolutions, we choose one word to live by in the coming year. Without overthinking it, I chose the word “mindfulness” for 2014. I thought I’d share it here because I suspect…
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25 Ways to Know You’re Over 45

I recently read a very funny article on the telling signs that you are over 40. But in my book, 40 is still close enough to 39 that it gets grandfathered (or is it grandmothered?) into the 30s. But 45? Now that’s a game changer. So here…
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10 Things Women Need to Know About Immigration in 2014

You don't have to be an immigrant to care about reform. Whether you're a U.S. citizen or undocumented, the issue affects everyone — especially young American women. 1. Immigration is a women's issue. Though the media and political pundits…
Imperfect Christmas

Did You Have an Imperfect Christmas Holiday? So did I & It's Ok!

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According to the unattainable standards of all lifestyle magazines, my Christmas holidays were absolutely imperfect! I was just browsing social media to see whether I was alone, and of course, I’m not. I read a friend’s post on Facebook…
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Dreaming & Doing: How I Keep My New Year’s Resolutions

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Before I write my resolutions or goals for the New Year, I always make a list of things I’m proud to have accomplished in the past 12 months. This helps me feel good about myself as I start out assertively and purposefully planning for the…
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Latino Traditions & Superstitions for the New Year

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Latino traditions & superstitions for the New Year vary from those in the US! When I first came to the United States from Mexico, people made fun of me because I had my superstitions all wrong. I used to fear martes y trece, instead of…
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Hispanic Christmas Traditions & Their Meanings

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Every year, Christmas starts earlier and earlier. Come the 20th of November and stores, malls and shopping centers all begin decking windows and streets with lights, Merry Christmas signs, and music. Traditional carols or villancicos, are…
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No, Latinas Are Not All These Things!

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Nobody wants to be compared to hot tamales, guys. 1. Spicy/Saucy/Feisty Can a Latina woman bitch about something all normal humans complain about without being called "spicy" or "feisty?" Literally everyone hates bad weather. Read Related:…