7 Things You Should Know About Nightshade Veggies

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So we’re kind of embarrassed to admit but we’ve just learned about nightshade plants. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’ve heard the term before and knew that eggplants were in the category of nightshade foods, but we always thought their…

5 New Tech Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like Judy Jetson

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It kind of feels like every time we sneeze there’s a new Smartphone on the market, or some new tech gadget for navigating through life. It can be mindboggling. Crazy futuristic devices that we used to see only on Saturday morning cartoons…

Creamy Spicy Mango Salsa Recipe

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UPDATED February 27th, 2018 Why not mango salsa, right? Everywhere you look in the store these days there seems to be some new kind of salsa on the shelves. Sure you can combine many different types of ingredients and come up with a new one…
Piggy Cookies-MainPhoto

Recipe for Piggy Cookies

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These cookies go by the many endearing names for pigs in Spanish: cerdito, cochinito, marranito, or puerquito. This is the recipe that is the most requested on my blog by Mexicans living abroad. The piggies’ honeyed nuttiness comes from…
Zarela's Ensalada Girasol-MainPhoto

Zarela's Ensalada Girasol (Sunflower Salad)

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This beautiful and tasty salad combines the great flavors of boiled chicken, smoky chipotle, and sweet mango.  It’s also wonderfully adaptable – as I’m sure you’ll discover (see note below).  For a nonmeat version, use your…