Breast of the Breast 30 Facts About Women and Breast Cancer We All Should Know Photo 8

15. Breast Cancer the Second-Leading Cause of Cancer Death
Though advances have been made in awareness, as well as its treatment and research, it remains the second-leading cause of cancer death after lung cancer. After heart disease, breast cancer deaths are the second most-common cause of death for women in the U.S. women.

16. Age Increases Your Chances Significantly
Simply getting older is a risk factor for breast cancer. In fact, 79 percent of new cases and 88 percent of deaths occurred in women age 50 and older. According to the American Cancer Society, just fewer than 11,000 invasive cases occurred in women younger than 40. Women over age 65 accounted for more than 99,000 cases last year.

17- Unfortunately, the risk has increase with time.
In the 1970s, the lifetime risk of developing cancer one in 11. Today it is now one in eight (12.4%). Part of the reason is due to longer life expectancy and more detection through screening. What are the other contributing factors? Menopausal hormone usage, changes in reproductive patterns and a higher rate of obesity.