1. Healthy Double-Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
    Remember when we said the key to getting your kids to devour breakfast was to trick them? Check out these muffins and you’ll see what we mean. They have chocolate in them, so kids will inhale them, but in reality they are packed with zucchini, so they’re far healthier than they are sweet. Score a big win for mom.
  1. Apple Cinnamon Strawberry Muffins
    In our house muffins are also called “cakes” because they look and taste kind of like cakes. Which is why kids love them so much. But sometimes they’re loaded with sugar and fat, which makes them less than ideal for an everyday breakfast treat. This recipe is smart and clever because they taste sweet and delicious without the added calories or saturated fat. Apples and maple syrup are used for sweetness and olive oil is used instead of butter or vegetable oil. The result is a sweet bite of heaven that kids will love and parents can feel good about.