1. Mixed Berry & Yogurt Parfait
    Your kids like yogurt, and they like fruit, and they like fancy dishes. Put all those things together and what do you have? A yogurt parfait! Put low-fat yogurt (or depending on the age of your kids, full fat for infants) or cottage cheese in a parfait dish, then top with frozen mixed berries and granola.
  1. Breakfast Burrito Bites
    Adults love a good breakfast burrito. We did especially back in college, especially after a big night out, if you know what we mean, and we think you do. But they are great for kids too, they’re a delicious way to jumpstart the day and squeeze some nutrients and protein into breakfast. These burrito bites are way more fun than your standard dish, because they are rolled up in a tortilla and then sliced to look like sushi or pinwheels.