25 Bad Spending Habits You Must Break-SliderPhoto


6. Too much credit card debt. Carrying credit card debt can cost more than you think in interest over the long haul. There are relatively simple ways to reduce your credit card debt.

7. Buying coffee and lunch during the workday. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save by packing a lunch and brewing coffee at home. A recent study showed that American workers spend about $1,000 on coffee and $2,000 on lunch per year. Why buy it when you’ve already got it?

8. Not taking tax deductions. Most Americans don’t take all of the tax deductions that they are entitled to. Make sure you are taking all allowable tax deductions—sometimes spending a little on an accountant is worth it in savings.

9. Not shopping sales. Always read the fine print and comparison shop. Sometimes the sale price at one store isn’t the cheapest price you can find. Learn how to shop sales to save the most money.

10. Not buying products that are bundled. Many phone, internet and cable companies offer “bundled” packages, where you pay one monthly bill for all three services. But, be careful, as bundling may not always give you the best deal.

11. Buying more than you need at warehouse clubs. Annual membership fees can go up without your realizing. If you don’t shop there often it may not be worth the fee. Also, buying in bulk isn’t always a savings if you can’t use it all before it goes bad. Shop only for select items where you can save the most money.