25 Bad Spending Habits You Must Break-SliderPhoto


18. Tossing lotion, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. before it’s completely empty. It takes a little work to squeeze those last drops out but they add up over time. Learn how not to waste.

19. Leaving lights and electronics on or cell phone chargers plugged in when not in use. You may not notice the difference in your electric bill for one month, but it adds up over time. Plus it’s better for the environment if you turn these small items off. Here are some other items you should turn off.

20. Keeping your tires inflated. Just adding a little air now and then gets you better gas mileage and makes your tires last longer.

21. Turning the heat/air down/up a few degrees. Your home’s optimum temperature changes with the seasons. Cooling below the optimum temperature in the warm months or heating above it during the cold months costs you extra money and is bad for the environment, too.

22. Spending too much on ATM Fees. Sometimes you just need the cash quickly, but planning your day around fee-free machines can save you a bundle. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you’d cut down on your ATM use.

23. Keeping high-interest credit cards. If your credit card has a variable APR, keep track of it and keep an eye out for opportunities to transfer your balance to a lower rate card. Also, it is possible to get the card issuer to lower your rate.

24. Using credit cards with an annual fee. Unless your APR is incredibly low or your credit makes it impossible to qualify for a fee-free card, you should be able to find cards with no annual fee. Here’s the lowdown on 10 no-fee cards.