25 Bad Spending Habits You Must Break-SliderPhoto


12. Parking close instead of walking. If you stop to add up how much you spend on parking everyday it might surprise you. Sometimes it’s cheaper and better exercise to park a little further away, or even to leave the car at home and use the bus.

13. Not choosing the right savings account. Money that could be making more interest is cash out of your wallet in the long run. Here are some savings accounts that pay higher interest rates.

14. Not taking advantage of store loyalty cards. Make sure you always have the clerk scan your loyalty card. The Key Ring phone app keeps track of all your loyalty cards so you won’t miss any awards or savings.

15. Not taking advantage of credit card reward points. Many credit and debit cards offer rewards for certain types of purchases. Here’s a list of good reward programs.

16. Not doing your homework and finding the cheapest gas station. All gas stations do not have the same price. GasBuddy.com tells you where to find the cheapest gas in your area.

17. Not reading grocery store labels carefully. Check the unit price at the grocery store—it’s easy to think you are saving money on a cheaper item, but often you are also getting less. Also, bigger packages do not always mean cheaper prices.