My Big Sister/Mi hermana mayor

Samuel Carabello • Illustrated by Thelma Muraida
Piñata Books • 2012 • 32  pages
ISBN: 978-1-55885-750-6
Hardcover ($16.95)
Ages 3-8

A young boy’s parents work in a factory all day, so his older sister (age unknown in the story), takes care of him while they are away. She does so from the moment he awakens to the time he goes to sleep. The author does not evoke pity or sadness about the situation as he tells this story. Instead, there is much joy and happiness as the day goes along with the two siblings enjoying each other’s company.

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To add to the book’s positive message, the family is shown together at the end, with all members present and smiling. The English and Spanish text should appeal to caretakers who may only be able to read one language to their children, but wish for them to know both, or to those who simply want bilingual stories to instill a love of languages in their children.

The soft pastels images beautifully complement the warm story. An enjoyable tale that does not trivialize the reality of working parents and children as caretakers but chooses instead to focus on the love and spirit of cooperation that makes such situations possible. A wonderful read to model responsibility, family bonding, and having fun with those you love.

—Reviewed by Bianca Elliott, PhD., High School and University Educator