It’s getting close to Game Day…yes, we’re talking Super Bowl XLVII, to be held Sunday, February 3. So if you’re hanging with the guys to watch the game, you can support your—or your beau’s—favorite team with a makeover in team colors. Just don’t mess up your perfect manicure when you crack open another beer!

This year, the San Francisco 49ers go head-to-head with the Baltimore Ravens. Hmm, who to root for? The venerated 49ers, who’ve made five trips to the Super Bowl and won five times, or the upstart Ravens, who have only been a team since 1996 but have already won one Super Bowl? Decisions, decisions.

Really, what’s not to love about a team named after a poem by the city’s adopted son, Edgar Allan Poe? And even better, the team’s colors are a fashion-friendly combo of black, purple and gold. So if you’re a dramatic kind of gal, the Ravens might just be the team for you.

A Super Bowl Makeover for Game Day-Baltimore Ravens

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San Francisco’s first professional sports team has called the City by the Bay home since 1946. The team gets its name from the California Gold Rush of 1849, when gold prospectors, known as “49ers,” arrived in Northern California in droves. The team’s colors are gold and red—an easy color combo to rock for the big game.

A Super Bowl Makeover for Game Day-San Fancisco 49ers

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So your preferred team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, or even to the play-offs this year? Don’t despair. There’s no rule that says you can’t adorn yourself with you or your guy’s favorite team colors, even if the season has finished for them.

According to a survey conducted by ESPN Sport Polls, the following five teams ranked highest in popularity among Americans. So you can still put your best face forward and enjoy the traditions and rituals of Game Day, or just ogle some handsome players in those tight pants. Touchdown!

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Part of the Eastern Division, the Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team in the U.S., per ESPN. Use some of their signature colors—white and blue—in makeup or nails, as it is a combo that never goes out of style. Stars are also an essential if you want to recreate a look à la Cowboys, y’all.

A Super Bowl Makeover for Game Day-Dallas Cowboys

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Up next, we head north. Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers have won three consecutive NFL titles twice—no doubt that’s why they ranked second in the ESPN poll. Of course, green is their signature color, along with yellow. Makeup artists agreed that these shades, used appropriately and very sparingly, will make your eyes pop. Dare to wear colored mascaras on the tips of your lashes or draw fine lines on your eyelids. Don’t be shy!

A Super Bowl Makeover for Game Day-Green Bay Packers

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Although New Yorkers are known for their year-round black attire, the Giants and their fans sport a trifecta of patriotic colors—we’re talking good ol’ red, white and blue. Want a little trivia to impress your other half? The New York Giants joined the NFL in 1925, and are among the five original teams to still in existence.

New York Giants

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Number four on ESPN’s list are the Steelers from Pennsylvania. The team’s signature logo represents much more than meets the eye: scrap steel (blue), coal (yellow) and iron ore (red) are the ingredients used in the steelmaking process. Interesting, but a tough color combination to pull off with makeup. On the other hand, black and gold—their uniform colors—are a chic combination for any smoky eye or manicure.

A Super Bowl Makeover for Game Day-Pittsburgh Steelers

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Despite almost making it to their 7th Super Bowl—they were shut out this year by the Ravens—Tom Brady (their ultra-famous quarterback, also known as Gisele Bundchen’s hubby) and the Pats have a fan base well beyond their New England home. The Patriots share the same colors as the Giants—red, white and blue—but the Patriots rock a star in their look. If you are not feeling very artistic, simply wear a classic red lipstick or blue eyeliner: though not the most creative makeup, it’ll do.

A Super Bowl Makeover for Game Day-New England Patriots

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