5. Mindfulness for the Next Generation: Helping Emerging Adults Manage Stress and Lead Healthier Lives, by Holly Rogers
As an adult it can be easy to look at your life and recognize the stress (and the need to deal with that stress). But young adults—think college students and teenagers—have a harder time not only identifying the sources of stress in their life but also coping with those struggles. This book helps parents teach mindfulness to their teens to help enhance their lives and encourage personal growth rather than anxiety. This is a great read if you practice meditation in your own life, and you want to pass on those teachings to your children as they grow up and deal with all of the obstacles and responsibilities that come with adulthood.

6. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, by Chogyam Trung
This modern classic, one of the best books on meditation, takes the traditional practices of spirituality and applies them to common pitfalls we experience in our daily lives. This book focuses on something the author calls “spiritual materialism”–when you practice meditation not you let go, but as a method of self-improvement. He argues that spirituality will only work and will only enhance your life when you stop trying to make yourself better and you completely let go of the materialism that can hold you back.