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5 Weird Things That Happened to Me After I Had a Baby

Pregnant women are bombarded with different expectations of what motherhood will be like. Images dance in our heads of cherubic babies calmly falling asleep in our arms. We look forward to the emotions of hearing their first laugh and the thrill of seeing them take their first steps. After giving birth to my beautiful son, […]


Having a Baby After 35: Risky Business?

  UPDATED: August 1st, 2016  It´s often said that having a baby after 35 is risky. But, is it really? When I met my future husband, I was 34 years old, and I already knew that at some point I wanted to have another child. Fast-forward a few years into our relationship and in a blink […]


The Fertility Clock is Real!

When I met my husband in 2009, he was recently divorced—no kids, I was a single mother to a five-year old. After three years of courtship our relationship progressed, and we eventually got married and decided we wanted to have a baby of our own. As a new wife, I wanted to give my husband […]