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How to Relate To & Deal With Difficult People

We all have someone in our lives with whom we have difficulty relating. Your mother-in-law you always fight with. The sister who always manages to cut you off. A friend who drains your energy by talking about her problems all the time, and never asking you about yours. Obviously, how these people relate to you, […]


How to Practice Mindfulness; Meditation on the Go

Our lives are hectic, filled with to-do lists, errands, and deadlines. Personally, I can barely finish one task before I’m already thinking about the next one. The day flies by and I have hardly taken five minutes to relax and be in the moment. At night time, it doesn’t get any better: I’m kept awake […]


25 Ways to Know You’re Over 45

I recently read a very funny article on the telling signs that you are over 40. But in my book, 40 is still close enough to 39 that it gets grandfathered (or is it grandmothered?) into the 30s. But 45? Now that’s a game changer. So here goes my take on the 25 most telling […]


Why We SHOULD Make New Year’s Resolutions!

It turns out we actually should make New Year´s resolutions. Whether all of them are kept or not, resolutions allow us to reflect on the past year and map out our year ahead. They help us set goals and ultimately, keep us striving to become better versions of ourselves. Every year, I make a long […]


Easy Roscón de Reyes Recipe

The 6th of January, which is celebrated by many as the arrival of The Three Wise Men, is celebrated in Spain and most Hispanic countries. El Día de los Reyes Magos is also my abuelita’s birthday. She’s turning 98 this year. As usual, she will skip the birthday cake and will instead eat the traditional […]


Latino Christmas Recipe: Abuelita’s Mazapán de Toledo

Christmas would not be Christmas without sugary treats. Turrón and mazapán are two traditional holiday sweets enjoyed in many Latin countries. Mazapán, or marzipan, is a typical Spanish Christmas delight that is easy to make at home with the kids. The most well known variety is Mazapán de Toledo. Children will have the most fun helping you shape the dough […]