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Financial Infidelity: Not Just a Woman Thing

When we hear women talk about how they bought an expensive pair of shoes and hid the purchase from their husbands, we don’t even flinch. Often, we just laugh about it. According to a poll conducted by TODAY.com and SELF magazine on financial infidelity, women are twice as likely to lie about financial matters as […]


How to Attain Happiness!

Attaining happiness is a common goal. And while each person’s measure of happiness is a very unique and personal experience, we all can attain it. Our individual happiness depends on different factors, some we have no control of and others we are actually responsible for. So how do we steer ourselves towards a happier state […]


How to Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes

If you have kids, a messy house is just a fact of life. But of course, you don’t really want to receive your in-laws when your home looks like burglars broke in. So, what to do if they phone to tell you they’re in the neighborhood and will drop by in 5 minutes to see […]