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5 Family-Friendly Winter Activities

Family-friendly winter activities are a life saver. In the winter, the temperatures drop and dark days really make hot chocolate and a movie quite tempting. This winter, I have committed to keep myself—and my family—healthy. Beyond some all-season family-friendly sports, here are five winter-friendly activities so your whole family can get a head start on […]


5 Things Jeremy Lin of “Linsanity” Teaches Women

Jeremy Lin has literally risen from obscurity into an overnight sensation. My Twitter feed and headlines flowed with Lin lingo: Be my VaLINtine, The Knicks Lin again, newfound followers call themselves Linatics—you get it. And I can’t get enough. I’m a sucker for a story about a kid who gets to live his dream amidst […]


Keeping Your Child Safe from Predators

It’s a sickening and enraging thought that my tween son and teenage niece are considered fair game in the sexual exploits of  predators. But as disturbing as the thought of a sexual predator is, the truth is child molesters lurk all around us. The show To Catch a Predator and the recent news that Penn State’s […]