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Bacon Lettuce & Sofrito Sandwich

Editor’s Note: Mamiverse Food Celebrity Contributor Evette Rios gives this sandwich classic a delicious Latin spin with the addition of sofrito…enjoy! BACON, LETTUCE, SOFRITO SANDWICH (BLS) Ingredients A large handful of cilantro leaves A large handful of culantro leaves ½ Spanish onion, diced ¾ red bell peppers, seeded and chopped ½ green bell peppers, seed and […]


Grilled Cheese with Chimichurri Sauce

What is not to love about a grilled cheese? The warm toasty bread, the oozy-gooey cheese, so I figured, why not add a Latin flare to one of my American favorites! So I decided to add some zing with chimichurri sauce—it is one of my favorite sauces around! CHARMED BY CHIMICHURRI I first learned about […]


El Hamburger: Guacamole Burger Sliders with Tostones

Editor’s Note: May is National Hamburger Month… Enjoy! In Puerto Rico, where I am from, there is a delicious trend! They make what are called Sandwiches de Platano. Basically they put everything, from steak to roast pork between two fried green plantains (tostones), instead of bread and call it a sandwich. Read Related: Marcela Valladolid’s Burgers […]