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7 Affirmations to Help You Reach Your Goals in 2014-MainPhoto

Affirmations work on the premise that while you are having a positive thought you cannot also have a negative one. As long as you repeat to yourself empowering phrases that remind you that you are capable of reaching your goals, you are more likely to stave off defeating self-talk. You can create your own daily affirmations or use these, and read them to yourself every morning or even write them down several times each day. I invite you to share below the results of your quest to reach your goals in 2014. If you draft your own, make sure they are expressed in the present tense (example: “I am” instead of “I will be”). Try to visualize the result as you repeat these to yourself mentally, out loud or on paper. 

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1.- I am committed to reaching my goal of [insert goal] by [insert date].

2.- I deserve to do that which I have set out to accomplish.

3.- Every day I am a step closer to making my goal a reality.

4.- I am taking action now.

5.- Today, I let go of self-doubt and fear.

6.- I am strong, resilient and unstoppable.

7.- I am determined, persistent and successful.

Do you have your own favorite daily affirmations? Please share them with us below, in Comments!