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So you thought you nailed the job interview—they smiled at you, seemed like they thought you were a great fit, and told you they’d give you a call back…but they didn’t. A lot of times it’s a pattern of silly mistakes you don’t realize you’re making, like not distinguishing yourself enough.

PwC Chief Diversity Officer and career expert Maria Castanon Moats shares some reasons that probably cost you your dream job.

You dressed inappropriately.
There’s a difference between what you’d wear if you’re interviewing for a finance position versus a fashion magazine. “Research the company’s culture to understand what they consider appropriate attire,” Moats says. For instance, if you’re going for a gig in the fashion industry, the last thing you’d want to wear is a washed-out navy blue pantsuit. And always make sure your look is polished—flawless hair and makeup, and no chipped nail polish!

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You didn’t do your homework.
Have you forgotten the reason Google exists? The worst thing you can do is apply to work for a company you know nothing about. You want to show that you’re looking for more than a pay check. Make sure you research the company first, and if possible, talk to people who work there.

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