15. The Sun
If you like sunny weather Spain is the place to go. You need only ask the rest of Europe who flock each August to warm their British, German, and Scandinavian bodies on Spain’s beaches. With temperatures rarely dropping below 40° in the north and 50° in the south, even during winter, Spain is an almost sure bet for fun in the sun.

16. Siestas
Ah, the legendary midday rest. Initiated by the Spanish and exported to a large portion of Latin America, this post-lunch, digestive, mental health break is religiously observed in town and cities alike. Feel free to do as the Spanish do while you’re there—the alternative is to try to see things or get things done only to find that whatever you seek is closed for two hours in the afternoon for their own siesta.

17. Cost Effective
Although Spain isn’t as cheap as it was just a few years back, there are plenty of ways to travel there on a budget. The first step is to find the right locations and time of year. Just a little research can turn up great housing and travel deals, especially if you look to smaller cities and villages with less tourist traffic.