18. El Rastro
If bargain hunting is your thing check out the oldest flea market in Madrid, el Rastro. Replete with old world items and vintage items, from tableware to clothes to objects d’art, el Rastro has everything you need to fill up a suitcase with mementos and gifts.

19. The Lingo
What’s that? You took six years of Spanish in school and Buenos días is all you have to show for it? That’s okay. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your Spanish and there’s no better place to do it than in Spain. Do be mindful of regional accents and if you plan an immersion trip be advised that the more south you go, the more heavily accented you’ll return.

20. The Locals
Spanish people are generally quite friendly and welcoming to visitors. Spanish culture encourages sociability, especially around meals and wine. In Spain you’ll find that the locals are happy to help with directions or will simply strike up conversation over tapas. This, in addition to the vast array of cultural and recreational offerings makes Spain an ideal place to travel.