thanks2. Giving Thanks
Saying “thank you” seems like pretty basic etiquette. But the context can vary, as well as the method. Most children know that upon receiving that coveted American Girl doll from Aunt Gladys, they need to issue a heartfelt thank you. But what about when they open a present that doesn’t exactly thrill and delight them? Children should know that it’s just as important to be gracious and thank the gift giver, who went to the same amount of trouble as Aunt Gladys—just not with the same results. Other ways to express their appreciation? “Thank-you notes when they receive a gift,” says Judy Davidds-Wright. And it’s not just presents that are deserving of thanks. “I want my son to recognize the hard work his teachers do,” says Regina, a former teacher herself. “and saying “thank you” at the end of the day is a way to show that; of course, I also make a point of thanking them in front of him, so that he sees me model this behavior.”