The-Modern-Archivist-Tips-on-Documenting-Your-Kid's-Life-MainPhoto1. The Magic Word
It seems right that “please” is known as “the magic word.” Probably the most prioritized of all good manners, it’s a word that has an appropriately magical effect when attached to requests and even simple affirmations like “Yes” (as in “Yes, please!”). Everyone is charmed by a child who uses the magic word. But the context of saying please, and the way it is is said, is just as important as the word itself. Parents should emphasize appropriate way to ask for something, and not just stress the “please” on its own. For example, “May I have some milk, please?” is courteous and charming. Some alternatives that fall short? “Gimme some milk, please” or “Can I get some milk…” (insert pause, and grudging “please” here). It’s fine for parents to start off with prompting (“What’s the magic word?”) but after a while, it should become second nature for children. Modeling this behavior yourself, in front of the kids, is one of the best ways to make it so.