On October 27, 1939 the DuPont company sold the first pairs of nylon stockings in Wilmington, Delaware where they instantly sold out. It was the beginning of a fashion revolution—in some cases literally as nylons became scarce during WWII. As soon as they began hitting stores again in 1945, there were ‘nylon riots’ when women waited in long lines and fought to snap up the limited inventory. As TIME reported in 1941, In Denver, women bought $125,000 worth of stockings in two days—enough to provide every woman over 14 in Denver with a pair, at 92¢ apiece.”

Hosiery has come a long way since 1939 but women still love the look of a silky, lacy or colorfully adorned leg. Now that temperatures are dropping these stylish accessories do double duty as an extra layer of warmth. With so many options it’s hard to know what to wear with tights so here a 15 great ways to incorporate cute tights into your wardrobe.


1. Colored Tights
We are long past the days when tights for women are about covering their assets. Colored tights can liven up a neutral ensemble and generally make your look more fun.

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