10 Shows that Could Ruin Your Relationship-MainPhoto

10 Shows that Could Ruin Your Relationship-MainPhoto

Too much TV is not good for us, but have you ever stopped to think about how TV shows could be affecting your relationship? A couples’ survey published in Psychology Today shows that the more romantic the program, the more couples felt less committed to their partners after viewing. Apparently, all that passion and romance makes us feel like we have other options…yikes! From series binging to lusting after actors, to wishing your partner would also stop lusting, there are various ways you could get sucked into a boob-tube situation that can throw a wrench in your couple-hood flow. Here are TV 10 shows to watch out for.

1. The Bachelor: This show may make you question the fundamental infrastructures of love. Plus, the ugliest bachelor is probably cuter than your spouse, and the least attractive woman still has perfect hair and makeup. Put things in context by remembering it’s a scripted reality show. If you believe this show results in lasting relationships (or it’s a way to find a partner for life) dream on.

2. Ru Paul’s Drag Race: This show might make you wonder if your man secretly wants to throw on your halter top and thigh-highs. There are lots of people in the world with lots of unusual habits and fetishes. If you want a good laugh, have your guy try walking in 5 inch heels. That will dissuade him from any drag-queen inspired fantasies.

3. The Housewives Series: These women give all women a bad rap. They’re proof that money doesn’t buy happiness, or friendship or grace, or style. It’s fun to watch as the women bicker and backstab each other. If that group of women were actually your friends, you’d have to grow nine inch nails just to survive.

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4. Unfaithful: This show will make you lose all hope. What is sadder than knowing the person you loved and trusted was unfaithful? It’s enough to make you turn your back on TV altogether, ditch your partner and join a convent.

5. Mad Men: Alcoholism and cheating are not the way forward, but this show makes them look a little too tempting. Plus it’s easy to get hooked on the clothing, furnishings and the hairstyles. Best to mix up two martinis and relax and enjoy the show with your other half, if you can squint pass the cigarette smoke.

6. The Walking Dead: This show will simply kill your libido. Nothing like a herd of flesh eating zombies to kill the moment. Watch at your own peril. Warning, if your partner is squeamish, and you love this program, the amount of onscreen blood could kill the relationship for sure.

7. Breaking Bad: This show might give you trust issues. It’s proof that not everyone is what they seem to be and that the choices we make can change us forever. Plus, if your man is not a fan, it could be a deal breaker for sure.

8. Scandal: This steamy political drama may cause your guy to be threatened by your power and self-confidence. That’s a deal breaker for sure. If your guy can’t handle a powerful woman, kick him out.

9. House of Cards: You’ll binge-watch this one, leaving no time for love. Like a weekend away with the girls, reserve time to binge watch and get it out of your system. Afterwards, you can set a countdown watch for the next season to appear. Oh, and while you’re waiting for the new season to start, find some time for your significant other.

10. True Detective: You’ll fall madly in love with Matthew McConaughey in new, inexplicable and irrational ways. This one doesn’t require a lot of explanation. If your guy stacks up to Matthew McConaughey, you wouldn’t need TV at all. This show could work in your favor though, giving you a lot of fantasy material for those intimate moments.