The perfect gift doesn’t just bring a smile to your child’s face; it makes mami happy, too. Here are seven toys you can feel good about buying for your kids, whether they’re crawling, drawing, or otherwise creating. ToyTacular! Mother Approved Toys You Should Know

Vtech Move & Crawl Ball ($14.09)
Ages 6-12 months

KIDS will love that this brightly colored, sturdy sphere comes decorated with cute little animals and equipped with lots of entertaining features: ribbons to tug on, buttons to push, flashing lights to marvel at, and sweet songs to listen to.

MOMS will love that the Move & Crawl Ball spins and rolls, encouraging baby to crawl after it. What’s more, the songs and lights are interactive and meant to foster an interest in learning about animals, shapes, numbers, and more.

LEGO Duplo Creative Sorter ($19.99)
Ages 18 months and up

KIDS will love that these LEGO Duplo blocks are perfectly sized for tiny hands and come with sorters, which will help newbies build animals (a parrot, giraffe, and elephant are each color-coded to match a corresponding sorter).

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MOMS will love introducing their littles ones to this beloved toy in a format that challenges them, both in using the sorters and in dreaming up their own vividly-colored structures.

ToyTacular! Mother Approved Toys You Should Know

KidKraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen Play Set ($155.09)
Ages 3 and up

KIDS will love playing pretend in their own fully tricked-out kitchen, replete with features like a sink, fridge, and microwave. The genius of this play set is in the details, like the spatula, potholder, and spoon which hang from hooks over the stove, and the trompe l’oeil-style illustration over the sink of a window opening into a sunny garden.

MOMS will love that this wooden kitchen is built to last, easy on the eyes, and encourages imaginative play.

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Cra-Z-Art Ultimate 4 in 1 Easel ($79.99)
Ages 3 and up

KIDS will love creating works of art in three different mediums—like little real-life artistas at this sturdy, multi-faceted wooden easel. The easel accommodates paper for drawing and painting (a 35-foot roll of paper is included) and is also a chalkboard and a dry-erase board.

MOMS will love that the easel comes with five storage bins that fit handily within the structure of the easel, making it home base for all the household art supplies. Now there’s no excuse for craft-related clutter!

Password Journal ($23.99)
Ages 6 and up

KIDS will love that this dear diary blends high-tech with top secret, complete with an invisible ink pen (and corresponding show/glow light), secret compartment, and audio-activated password protection.

MOMS will love that the journal is an all-in-one gift for the future novelist, screenwriter, or blogger, which encompasses writing and self-reflection with flashing lights and an MP3 player. What’s not to love?

ToyTacular! Mother Approved Toys You Should Know

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for Wii ($29.99)
Ages 10 and up

KIDS will love that LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, the sequel to the popular LEGO Batman, features a troupe of superheroes like Wonder Woman and Superman, as well as all the fun and adventure they’ve come to expect from the series that includes LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Harry Potter.

MOMS will love that the LEGO video games are challenging and cleverly made, with none of the violence or disturbing imagery that mamis have come to fear from more run-of-the-mill, adult-oriented fare.

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven ($39.99)
Ages 8 and up

KIDS will love whipping up actual goodies in this updated take on the classic toy-meets-oven , which comes with everything a budding pastry chef needs not just to create the perfect cookie or cupcake, but to do it with panache.

MOMS will love the cute and compact design of the oven, as well as the nostalgia it brings about (remember the E-Z Ovens of our childhood?).