8.  The Modern Family Model
Thanks to TV characters like Mitch and Cam, Gloria and Jay, and even Mr. Drummond and the Jackson boys from the eighties, nontraditional households are even more widely accepted today. From single-parent homes and blended families, to multi-racial, and same-sex parents, the limits of the nuclear today are somewhat limitless.

9.  The Open Mind
With the changing face of the American family, today’s parents aren’t so focused on traditional gender roles. In our society, little girls can dress like boys and play with trucks, and boys can stay indoors and color to their hearts content. This freedom allows children to explore who they really are, and what they truly love.

10.  Daddy’s Apron
It’s much more acceptable to be a stay-at-home dad today, which means that kids and their fathers are building closer bonds. Today dads are savvier as cooking and cleaning—freeing moms up to evolve as powerhouse breadwinners or simply follow their dreams.