And back to the city, Mood, and the workroom where Tim has a surprise and the button bag (oh no!) Because this is such a big challenge, everyone gets an assistant—a recently ‘aufed’ designer. First button and first pick goes to Laura who goes for her bestie Anthony Ryan. Anya chooses Bert, Viktor picks Olivier, Kimberly gets Becky, and Josh is left with Bryce. As an aside, Olivier rather robotically explains that he didn’t like Viktor at first but now he does. Oh Olivier and his people skills.

Bryce points out that when he left everyone loved each other and now, they don’t seem to be speaking. It’s true; there is a lot of grumbling, whispering, and sniping in the workroom. Josh is very bitter about Anya’s win last week: “I just got $20,000 swept away from me by a beauty queen.” Anya is a beauty. Both Viktor and Josh are offended by her inability to sew. Viktor thinks Kimberly’s fabric is hideous. Laura thinks some of Kimberly’s pieces look terrible. Anya and Kimberly (who’s pulled herself together after last week’s meltdown) stay characteristically above the fray. Since Bert’s back, we are treated to one last muttered jab about Josh’s look, “It’s like she needs a baton and a parade.” I miss him already.