Travel Staples: Pack Smart with 3 Good Pieces of Luggage

There are some accessories in life that you just can’t do on the cheap. Shoes and handbags—unless of course you find good quality ones on sale—are two of them. And luggage is another. Frequent travelers, especially, need sturdy, versatile,…

Wyoming: A Visit to the Heart of America

The happy coincidence that took me, a curious Latina and adopted New Yorker, to visit Wyoming recently was the convincing tone of a professor at Central Wyoming College. While visiting Manhattan, he said New York was the mind of America…
Make Car Trips Educational for Kids

Make Car Trips Educational for Kids

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Mamiverse Community Manager Eileen Carter Campos has perfected incorporating a little study time into a family road trip. Whether you’re commuting or taking a cross-country vacation, these are great tips to make car trips educational! For…

6 Spots in Latin America You Must Visit

Many lucky families are already planning their annual vacations. I’m hoping that travelers will turn their eyes southward, and consider some of the fantastic destinations in Latin America that are cleaner, safer and more comfortable to…
Three Kings DayThree Kings Day Celebration at Disneyland

Three Kings Day Celebration at Disneyland

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January 6, 2012 marked the first official Three Kings Day celebration at Disneyland. This video gives you a taste of the fun at the happiest place on earth. You may even want to schedule a post-Christmas family vacation to share in the fun next…
Disney World’s New Fantasyland Delivers the Magic & Then Some

Disney World’s New Fantasyland Delivers the Magic & Then Some

Walt Disney World knows how to work the magic—there’s no doubt about that. As soon as you enter the Orlando theme park gates, especially if you have kids, it’s hard not to get swept up in the full-on fantasy and unbridled joy. Now,…

Dream Hotels From Around the World

Mamiverse spotlights some of the most stunning dream hotels on the globe. Ranging from desert glamour to underwater thrills, there’s a fantasy locale for all tastes and lifestyle preferences. Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands Resort •…

How to Take Time Off, Even When You Think You Can’t

As an entrepreneurial mother of three young children, some days, bedtime just can’t get here fast enough. Not because I need a break from the kids, but because I work what seems to be all the time and I need a break! Thanks to my smart…

Easy Packing For Your Summer Getaway

Summer is all about beach weekends and relaxing in the sun. Don’t let the stress of planning, organizing, and packing (and worrying over the inevitable forgotten items) put a damper on the festivities. With an easy list of essentials and…