6 Reasons Why Texas is so Wacky-MainPhoto

6 Reasons Why Texas is So Wacky

Texas is a great place. It’s the second largest and second most populous state in the Union. Texans see their state more like an independent nation. And why not? After all, Texas was its own country between 1836-45. When it became a U.S.…
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Mamiverse Guide to Universal Orlando

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Due to a busy travel schedule that took me to Washington D.C for a good cause with We Belong Together (Women for Common Sense Immigration Reform), I was forced to miss the grand opening of the Transformers: The Ride-3D at Universal Studios…
Mamiverse Guide to Legoland Florida-MainPhoto

Mamiverse Guide to Legoland Florida

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When I recap on a visit to a theme park, I always try to write about what I wish I’d known before I visited, from how to navigate the park, what rides to skip and what rides not to miss, and how to not waste time waiting in line. So, here’s…

How to Find Summer Childcare

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With summer break around the corner or already here, many parents face the dilemma of making childcare arrangements. There are no school schedules to work around, fewer extracurricular activities, no homework that you have to help facilitate—just…

Beyond the Beaches: Enjoying Miami’s Museums

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I recently had the opportunity to experience Miami like a tourist. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Miami’s varied and plentiful museums offer visitors another way to appreciate the Magic City’s history and culture. When you think Miami,…

5 Ways to Renew Your Vows & Rediscover Your Love!

David and Victoria Beckham did it; so did Celine Dion. And Matt Damon and his wife of almost eight years, Luciana, just did it last month. But renewing marriage vows isn’t just for music legends and movie stars, and your guest list doesn’t…

Mom-Tested Tips for Surviving Summer Vacation

For some families, summertime is something they eagerly look forward to because it means family vacations and field trips to all those places they don’t get to visit during the school year. But for others, summer vacation brings with it…

How to Survive a Visit from Your Relatives

I recently moved out of Mami's New York City apartment and into an apartment of my very own in Los Angeles. Do you know what that means? I am free! Free of Mami's disorganized and utterly boggling kitchen. Free of her rearranging my things.…
A Guide to Preparing for Travel Disasters-MainPhoto

A Guide to Preparing for Travel Disasters

Vacations are those perfect little snapshots in time where life is supposed to be free of worry. We put down the phone, shut off the computer and are thankful life will be less harried for the next few days. Everyone, especially busy moms,…