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14-Year-Old Leads Protest on Seventeen

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If you don’t like something, change it. This 14-year-old is working to do just that. Julia Bluhm of Waterville, Maine, is petitioning Seventeen magazine to “give girls images of real girls!” Julia has started a petition on,…

The Temptation: Alisa Valdes on Her New Novel, Love and Paranormal Activity

New York Times bestselling author and Mamiverse contributor Alisa Valdes has released a new book, this time a young adult fiction novel, The Temptation. The first in a trilogy titled The Kindred and published by HarperCollins’ imprint HarperTeen,…

What Caine’s Arcade Teaches Us About Modern Parenting

Is it possible that the parenting guru my generation so desperately needs is a dude who sells used car parts out of a store in East L.A.? Can it be that George Monroy with his goatee and receding hairline—who gave his 9 year-old some cardboard…

Anti-Aging Makeup for Tween Girls?

What woman doesn't remember dipping into her mother’s cosmetics, as a little girl, and playing dress-up? The result was always a splash of over-made lipstick, blush and heavy eye shadow. It was all, just for fun, and we never left the…