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Terrible Twos Raising Twin Tweens!-MainPhoto

Terrible Twos: Raising Twin Tweens!

Whenever a friend or family welcomes a new baby- somewhere along the way my husband and I get asked- ‘HOW did you do it with two?’ The ‘toughness’ with twins almost always is associated with the infant and toddler years (and perhaps…
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Why Are Tweens Trend Setters Marketing-Wise

Why are tweens trend setters in the eyes of PR and marketing companies? Los Tweenstell us exactly why! Alright tween parents, brace yourselves!  The Intelligence Group’s newest Cassandra Report on tweens and marketing is one that…

Steak Tostadas Your Kids Will Love

If the tweens had it their way, taco night would be every night. The same ground beef tacos with all of the toppings over and over again. I love to cook and use it as my creative outlet. But just like no artist creates the same painting more…

Spending Summers With Grandparents

Here’s the scene.. The camp director marched out to the playground yelling my name.  Huffing and mumbling under her breath, she grabbed me by the arm and dragged me inside the lunch room.  Lunch had long been over and all of the tables…

Call Me Mavi

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Carlie Rae Jepsen’s smash hit Call Me Maybe has spawned numerous cover versions and spoofs. This version, Call Me Mavi, sung by Traci L. for the Hotel Transylvania movie is sure to be a hit with moms and kids alike. For more fantastic MamiTV…

Soda Can Tab Bracelet Craft Tutorial

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We love that this creative little girl is into crafts and recycling. This video gives easy step-by-step instructions for making a fabulous soda can tab bracelet. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can move on to belts, rings, and brooches—the…

Is Your Child Ready for Facebook?

The picture seemed innocent enough: it was an attractive 14-year-old girl with her back to the camera, writing on the classroom whiteboard. But it was the text below the picture that caught cyberbullying educator Lissa Albert’s eye. It…

How to Protect Your Kids From Peer Pressure

You’ve seen it before: the midriff of a 13-year-old girl who is also wearing shorts so short they are more like a bikini bottom. And you’ve heard the stories of teens getting drunk during unsupervised house parties or worse, getting…

Dangers of Texting for Teens and Tweens

Ask any mother how she feels about her kids’ texting habits, and she’s likely to cite a laundry list of concerns. It’s dangerous; it’s rude; it’s taking time away from schoolwork...just to name a few. We investigate the top five worries…