Oh Baby: The Subtle Art of Photographing a Newborn

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It's totally impossible to take a bad photo of a newborn baby — especially if it's yours. However, overwhelmed new moms, contending with sleep deprivation and adjusting to this wonderful but life altering event, may find it challenging to…

How to Make an Epic Gift-Worthy Family Photo Collage

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A handmade family photo collage transforms your favorite shots into a work of art and it makes a truly heartwarming gift. There are so many different ways to put them together, the possibilities are endless — anything from wall décor…

Night Rider: How to Take Glorious Pics After Dark

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Taking good pictures is a difficult task for many of us. It’s hard to find the right angle and the right shot, and if you’re taking pictures of kids, trying to get them to stand still and smile nicely for a hot second is next to impossible.…

Panoramic Dynamic: How to Rock a Pano with Style Every Time

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Depending on your surroundings, sometimes a standard photograph won’t quite cut it to truly do justice to the image you want to capture. Sometimes a panoramic photo is the only way to go, but if you’re not a seasoned photographer it can…

10 Tips & Tricks for Mastering the Self-Timed Group Shot

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When you want to take a group photo that wouldn't be complete without you in it and a selfie stick just won't cut it, the self-timer saves the day. Taking a group shot can be pretty difficult. Taking a self-timed group shot where you're not…

The Deconstructed Selfie: The New Rules on Taking Your Own Photo

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Unless you have been in hiding for months (maybe even years) with no access to social media or photo sharing sites, you probably know what a selfie is. In fact, the only person we know who isn’t familiar with the term is our grandfather…and…

The Modern Archivist: Tips on Documenting Your Kid's Life

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They grow up so fast and naturally you want to capture every minute! With smartphones and sites like Instagram, documenting your kids' lives has never been easier. In fact, it's so easy that knowing when and where to focus your lens is only…

Tips on Taking Great Pics from a Moving Vehicle

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There's no question that we're in an era of documenting every second of our lives. We never want to miss out on a great photo-op — and a road trip is a goldmine of fantastic, but fleeting, images. However, if you've ever tried to snap a…

Toddler Taming: Tips for Getting Your Kid to Smile for the Shot

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As a parent, sometimes it can seem like you aren’t just raising children, you’re also a professional photographer (...and yes, we know you’re also a chef, a housekeeper, an alarm clock, a teacher and a chauffeur.) You spend a LOT of…