A handmade family photo collage transforms your favorite shots into a work of art and it makes a truly heartwarming gift. There are so many different ways to put them together, the possibilities are endless — anything from wall décor to three-dimensional objects or minimal to artsy-craftsy. It’s time to get out the Mod Podge!

A mixed-media canvas collage is easy and inexpensive to make yet the finished product looks like an expensive piece of fine art. You can even print your photos on paper since you’ll be coating them with a layer of Mod Podge or gel medium. One approach is to choose one photo combined with other materials or you can put together several photos, coat them with Mod Podge and add other embellishments like translucent paper or gold leaf.

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This 3D star collage makes an ideal holiday gift or topper for your Christmas tree. Most craft or home décor stores carry metal stars. All it takes is a little scrap paper, your family photos and, as always, Mod Podge. This technique also makes a fantastic DIY picture frame or wooden letter. Really it works with just about any object you like.

Photo collage lampshades are a little more complicated but still much easier than they look. This would make the best bedside light! Every time you turn it on you’ll see your family’s glowing faces. Most craft stores carry self-adhesive lampshades or you can get out the hot glue gun and work with a regular shade. Create the collage on your computer and print it onto vellum. Then just adhere the vellum to the shade.

Did you know you can print directly onto paint chips? Well you can! Print black and white photos onto several paint chips for a really cool gradient effect. Then whip up a DIY multi-photo frame to display them. All you need are a few small wooden picture frames in various sizes, wood glue and paint or stain.