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Author Reyna Grande's Harrowing Immigrant Past

When author Reyna Grande’s 9-year-old son whined about walking to the local YMCA in their hometown of Whittier, California, she reminded him how lucky he and his sister were. “I ran across the U.S./Mexico border when I was your age,”…

Abandonment and Immigration: Growing Up Without My Mother

Author Reyna Grande describes her childhood tale of abandonment and immigration. Last week, when my mother was over at my house, my four-year-old daughter came to sit on my lap. As I held my little girl, I couldn’t stop myself from…

Undocumented Fighter: The Inspiring Story of Maria Luna

Editor’s Note: With President Obama’s Executive Order stopping the deportation of children of illegal immigrants, we highlight one of the “dreamers,” Maria Luna. A self-proclaimed, dream agent, Maria went public about her immigration…
Immigrant Mothers & First-Generation Daughters

Immigrant Mothers & First-Generation Daughters

There is a giant cultural chasm between many first generation Latinas and our immigrant mothers. We grow up in a society that is radically different from our mothers’ homeland. So many of the first generation women I have known experienced…

Growing Up Along Violent Mexican Border Made Me a Better Mom

I lived along the violent Mexican border as a young girl. One day, I got a phone call from a guy  I was dating, who called to tell me that he couldn’t make our date on Saturday.  When I asked where he was, he simply said, “Away.”…

Transforming Immigration

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The immigration debate is going galactic! Humor and savvy messaging will help separate the truth from the political rhetoric surrounding an issue that will surely shape up to be one of 2012’s most pivotal. For more MamiTV videos and content,…

Enforcement of Alabama Immigration Law Remains Unclear

After scared undocumented immigrant families pulled thousands of children out of schools in Alabama following the strict immigration enforcement law, a federal appeals court in Atlanta managed to temporarily block two provisions of this law.…