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5 Steps for Disciplining Your Stepchild

If getting them to like you is your priority when it comes to your stepchildren, then good for you for wanting to foster strong bonds with your extended family. But that doesn’t mean you put aside solid rules and thoughtful discipline. Here…

Mom & Dad Are Getting a Divorce: How to Break the News to Your Children

For many, divorce is a reality that we have to face. According to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute for Professional Psychology in Springfield, MO, 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 74% of third marriages end in divorce.…

Adjusting To Shared Custody After Divorce: Keep in Touch With the Kids

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 After a divorce, adjusting to shared custody of your kids can be very difficult, to say the least. Maybe your children stay with their dad on weekends and major holidays or during their summer vacations. These…

How to Know If You’re Ready to Find New Love After Divorce

Can you find love again after a divorce? The answer is yes! You just have to open your heart to new experiences. This can be quite frightening because of the emotional scars we all bear after a divorce. Divorce may cause you to have doubts…
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For Stepfamily Day, How I Manage My Blended Family

My 11-year old daughter was browsing through family photos with her aunt recently. They came across pictures of my wedding day—the day I married my kids’ dad, years before either of our children were born. My daughter said to my sister…

Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce is such a debilitating experience that once the papers are signed the last person you probably want to see is your ex. Yet when kids are involved, one must learn to co-raise children in the best possible way. Nobody said it’s easy,…

Parents of Special Needs Children and Divorce

As the mother of two children with special needs, I know from personal experience that the unexpected arrival of a child who requires assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological may cause two different reactions…

Divorced Brides: Wedding Pictures Become Works of Art

When artist Mercedes Gertz got divorced 11 years ago, she quietly put her wedding pictures away in a drawer and slumped into a depression. Getting divorced was so painful, it was almost embarrassing to see the picture of herself at 25, a smiling,…

Divorce Dilemma: Choosing Between Mom and Dad

A common divorce dilemma is when a child has to choose between Mom and Dad. Back when I was married to my son's father, I was able to play a role as a buffer between the two. If my son's father made a decision I didn't agree with regarding…